Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Digital Traditions

The Digital Tradition site keeps on growing! To this point, we've added several hundred audio and video clips and several hundred images. The next project to be incorporated will be "Talking with the Turners," a body of fieldwork initiated by retired USC professor Randy Mack back in 1981 that documents southern traditional pottery. Content will include images and a wealth of audio material.

Digital Traditions bumper stickers are now available! Send an email to with your contact info and we'll drop a freebie in the mail to you!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome to Digital Traditions!

Home to a wealth of folk traditions, South Carolina is culturally and geographically diverse. From the Appalachian Mountains to the Sea Islands and from rural crossroads to urban centers, the state boasts rich sources of traditional culture and folklore.

Rooted in family and community activities, folklife involves expressive forms of many kinds that are communicated verbally and by observation or imitation. Folk artists can learn through apprenticeships, but most often are taught informally by family members or close friends. This sharing of information can occur in many different group settings - familial, occupational, religious, social, and educational. Folklife is dynamic by nature, a part of a community's history that continues to develop every day, with every generation.

The Digital Traditions website was developed to provide access to the Folklife Resource Center at McKissick Museum. For thirty years, deeply-rooted traditions like quilting, pottery, basketry, communal foodways, and folk music have been documented through audio, video, and photography. Visit the website at and return to this blog for running commentary, observations, and insight into South Carolina traditional culture.